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Wedding Bands in Eau Claire, WI

Wedding Bands in Eau Claire, WI

Although engagement rings are usually purchased as a surprise, wedding bands are a decision shared by most couples, and the choice can often be a difficult one to make. However, you can the process becomes much easier when you perform a little research before actually going shopping. When you are ready to visit a jewelry store in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, you can receive additional help and courteous, friendly service at Rogers & Hollands Jewelers.

Wedding Band Materials

One of the first decisions to make regarding a wedding band is the primary material used to craft it. Following are the most popular choices today:

  • Yellow gold – Gold is the traditional material for wedding bands, and yellow gold wedding bands remain the most popular choice. Although 22-carat gold is quite luxurious, it may be too soft to be practical for everyday use. In most cases, 18-carat gold is the better choice.
  • White gold – In recent years, white gold wedding bands have grown tremendously in popularity because they are elegant and match a wider variety of styles.
  • Platinum is one of the most luxurious metals you can buy, and platinum wedding rings have become the standard in many upscale social circles. The higher price you pay for platinum may be worth the improved resistance to scratches and other damage it offers.

Wedding Band Styles

After you choose a material for a wedding band, it is time to consider the shape, style and settings. Always look for a shape and style that fits your body and your personality, and you should be relatively certain that you will enjoy it for the rest of your life. If you want a simple, traditional wedding band, you must still consider the width, and some people prefer to set diamonds or other gemstones into the band.

Rogers & Hollands Jewelers

For expert, professional help with purchasing a set of wedding bands that perfectly symbolize you and your partner, stop by Rogers & Hollands Jewelers at Oakwood Mall in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, today.

Wedding Bands in Eau Claire, WI