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If you are looking for a holiday gift that is as unique as your love for your significant other, our colored gemstone rings are the perfect solution. You can even use them as unique engagement rings if the time has come to propose. There are several ways to pick the right blushing gem ring for your loved one.

Birthstone Rings

Every month has its own birthstone. If your loved one has never received a birthstone ring, this will be a special gift for her. To make the stones dazzle, you can choose a halo setting. This puts a layer of diamonds around the main stone, which gives it a halo effect. The result is a dazzling treasure that will capture any woman's heart.

Customized Rings

Gemstone rings are the perfect solution for customized and meaningful jewelry gifts. If your loved one likes the sophisticated look of black and white, we have elegant onyx and diamond combinations. For a woman who is your princess, we have a tiara ring setting with a gemstone. Choose a crossover or infinity band if you want a more eye-grabbing look. There are also multi-stone rings if you want to include different colors of stones with special significance to you. This could be a child's birthday, significant months or whatever you want it to be.

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If you are looking for a jewelry store in Seymour, Wisconsin, we invite you to visit us in Eau Claire. Our jewelry store is just a few hours away and worth the trip. Rogers and Holland's has been a trusted name for fine jewelry for over 100 years. The superb quality and service we provide is the reason why we have made thousands of guests more than satisfied over the years.

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