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Throughout history, a gift of jewelry has been a token of the giver's respect for, love of and devotion to the recipient. Subjects have given jewelry to their kings and queens, parents have given their children jewelry to mark special occasions and spouses have exchanged jewelry to celebrate a milestone — or for no specific reason at all.

One major milestone that draws many couples to a jewelry store is a marriage proposal. Although surprise proposals still happen, there has been a growing trend for modern couples to shop for engagement rings together. This eliminates the guesswork on the prospective groom's part, such as whether she will prefer a princess or emerald cut and a gold or platinum mounting. Shopping together also eliminates the need to have a ring resized.

A jewelry store is also an ideal shopping location for all year-round gifts. Whether the goal is to find a romantic gift for a holiday, commemorate an anniversary, reward an employee or celebrate a graduation, a gift of fine jewelry is sure to be appreciated. Unlike other gifts that are transient in nature, jewelry is a gift that can be treasured forever, often becoming a treasured heirloom that is passed from generation to generation for centuries.

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Finding the perfect gift for themselves or someone they love has never been easier for those living in the vicinity of Sango, TN. Ashcroft & Oak is located at 2801 Wilma Rudolph Blvd. in Clarksville, TN, just 16 minutes away from Sango via I-24W or less than 20 minutes away via Warfield Blvd. The 10-mile drive will be well worth the trip for anyone shopping for engagement rings, watches, necklaces or any other type of fine jewelry. The dedicated staff at Ashcroft & Oak — a family owned and operated business for more than a century — is ready to help every guest find the ideal item that will delight the recipient.

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