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Gifts come in all shapes and sizes, but none compare to the beauty and timelessness of jewelry. A diamond ring, a pearl bracelet and gold earrings – these gifts do more than make someone happy; they show your love in a more visual way. Ashcroft & Oak is a family-owned jewelry store that understands the importance of making a cherished memory. Whether it's diamond engagement rings or men's watches, we have numerous gift ideas for most any occasion.

Great Moments Call for Great Jewelry

What classifies as a great moment for giving someone jewelry? Special holidays mark a time for showing passion and affection. Dedicate this lover's holiday to that special someone by giving the gift of a gemstone bracelet or a heart necklace. Celebrate a one- five- or 10-year anniversary with diamond earrings, or show her your future commitment with a promise ring.

Birthdays also make great moments for jewelry surprises. A charm bangle bracelet or a designer watch says "I love you" and starts the celebration off right. When it's time to pop the question, a sparkling diamond engagement ring sure makes it easy to say "yes." Whether it's celebrating a relationship milestone or just because, jewelry makes a wonderful gift idea for those you love.

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You don't have to travel far and wide to find the perfect jewelry store. In fact, Ashcroft & Oak sits only 35 minutes away in Bowling Green. Take US-68 East from Russellville to Dishman Lane/Cave Mill Road. You'll see our store on the left as you approach Scottsville Road. When it's time to celebrate a moment in your life, make Ashcroft & Oak part of the occasion.

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