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Jewelry stands the test of time and symbolizes love, commitment, fun and passion. Diamond engagement rings mark the beginning of a wonderful journey between two people, and birthstone necklaces celebrates the life of the one you love. Rogers and Hollands jewelry store has jewelry of all types and colors to give as gifts to loved ones on those special occasions.

Giving Jewelry as a Gift

Birthdays, holidays and anniversaries call for the gift of jewelry. You can commemorate meeting the person you love with a custom-designed ring or celebrate the birth of your child with a new charm. Designer watches make ideal gifts to honor a well-deserved promotion, and pearl earrings speak volumes for intimate occasions.

The holidays are a time for giving from the heart. You can embrace the spirit of the holidays and propose with a sparkling diamond ring or show your love a year later with a diamond necklace. When everyone else gives electronics and clothing, you can create a "wow" moment with gold and diamond earrings. You don't have to wait for the holidays or a special occasion to give jewelry as a gift. Earrings, necklaces and bracelets make perfect anytime gifts for those you love.

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Don't wait another moment to show someone how much you care. Make your way from Lansing to Calumet City, and våisit Rogers and Hollands jewelry store at River Oaks Center. Take Burnham Avenue north, and turn left on River Oaks Drive. It only takes a 10-minute trip to make someone you love very happy.

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