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Jewelry is the Perfect Gift

Every milestone in life deserves to be celebrated. Every special occasion is a good reason to add to your jewelry collection because each piece becomes part of your life story. As a family-owned jewelry store in Woodfield Mall, Rogers & Holland Jewelers is proud to have been a part of the happy occasions of many families in Roselle, Illinois.

Marking the Milestones

The lifestyle is laid back and quiet in Roselle, but the traditions are just as rich and distinctive among families that have called this area their home for several generations. Traditions are the ties that bind and make communities stronger.

Make each milestone a memorable one with a memento that can be passed on to the next generations. Choose from our extensive selection of jewelry pieces to mark the graduation of friends or family members. These are baubles that they can take with them as they move on to the next phase of their lives.

For big occasions, including engagements and nuptials, the Rogers & Hollands jewelry store at Woodfield Mall provides expert advice on choosing the perfect piece for your perfect union. Engagement rings can be customized according to your preferences, or you can choose from our designer-crafted jewelry.

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Investing in Memories

Jewelry is one of the popular gift choices for almost any occasion. Winter holidays, Valentine's Day or Mother's Day will usually draw investment-minded gift givers because of the perception that the value of jewelry increases over time. Considering that the present value of a special necklace and bracelet set is defined by the owner's enjoyment of the piece, it is safe to say that jewelry is a sound investment.

Choosing Wisely

Selecting the right jewelry for the occasion requires expertise. The Rogers & Hollands team is always ready to lend their expertise to help you make the right choices. We have 80 stores in different states, but the Woodfield Mall location is only 15 minutes from Roselle. Drop in anytime during business hours to ask questions of our team who will show you the possibilities.



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