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Looking For The Perfect Engagement Ring?

If you are in Illinois and are looking for a quality jewelry store in Oak Lawn, we invite you to come visit Rogers & Hollands. We have been a family-owned business for over 100 years and take pride in offering the finest selection of engagement rings. We understand that picking the right ring and planning the perfect proposal are the two most important steps you will take next. Let us help you pick the perfect ring. Here are two important tasks to complete beforehand.

Find Her Ring Size

You may be able to use your stealth skills to look in her jewelry box. Rather than steal a special ring and risk losing it, try tracing the inside and outside of the ring on paper. Be sure the pencil has a sharp tip and stays right next to the ring's surfaces. Also, choose a ring she has worn to ensure a proper measurement.

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Find Out What She Likes

When you hear your special someone talk about what kind of jewelry she likes, pay attention. If she does not offer information and you are worried about spoiling the surprise, ask her friends for help. Look at the jewelry she wears to determine if she likes white gold, yellow gold, platinum or another metal. Does she like white or colored diamonds? Would she rather have a non-diamond ring?

After you find this information, set a flexible budget for yourself. If you want to learn a little more about picking diamonds, read our article about the four Cs of diamonds. From our eye-grabbing Halo rings to our unique twisted-band rings, be sure to browse our selection online for inspiration. When you are ready, come visit our jewelry store in Orland Park. We are less than 30 minutes from Oak Lawn.



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