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Lab-Crafted Diamond Classic Round Brilliant 3/4ct. Solitaire Stud Earrings

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These beautiful solitaire studs features lab-crafted diamonds, 0.75ctw., set in 14 karat white gold. Laboratory grown, or lab-crafted, diamond technology duplicates the naturally-occurring conditions necessary to grow a diamond above the Earth's surface - making it impossible for the human eye to identify the difference between lab-crafted and earth-mined.

What is a lab-crafted diamond? They're identical to mined diamonds sharing the same physical, chemical and optical properties as their natural counterparts. The process that happens deep within Earth's surface is imitated in a lab using a High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) or Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) process. What starts out as a diamond seed - a minuscule slice of diamond - blossoms into a large, rough diamond as carbon atoms grow around it.

Well, there is one difference: you get nearly 30% more diamond for your money when purchasing a lab-crafted diamond, making them the real deal in more ways than one.


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  • Stone Type:
    Lab-Grown Diamond
  • Stone Shapes:
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  • Primary Stone Type
    Lab-Grown Diamond
  • Primary Stone Shape
    Brilliant Cut
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  • Stones 1 Type
    Lab-Grown Diamond
  • Stones 1 Shape
    Brilliant Cut
  • Stones 2 Type
    Lab-Grown Diamond
  • Stones 2 Shape
    Brilliant Cut
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    Diamond Solitaire Stud
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