For Now & Forever



  1. Signature Diamond Ampersand Necklace in 10k White Gold
    Make a connection between sweet symbols and meaningful letters with this '&' petite diamond decorated pendant. The ampersand symbol, beloved of writers and couples alike, is the stylish centerpiece of this necklace. Diamonds are hand-set in the 10 karat white gold of this signature R&H/A&O ampersand design - it's subtle & sweet for couples, mothers or best friends!
  2. "Happy Birthday" Peach Moonstone Bracelet in Sterling Silver
    While each of our pieces is beautiful, beautiful is never our only goal. Instead, we aim to make jewelry that's as meaningful, energetic, and enduring as it is head-turning. Because even the most stunning piece of jewelry can feel hollow without a story and smile behind it. Whether we're tapping into chakras or celebrating one of life's special moments, each of our handcrafted pieces is designed to tell a story that withstands the test of time.
  3. Flower CZ Dangle Hoop Earrings in Sterling Silver
    These cubic zirconia hoop earrings are set in sterling silver with a flower cubic zirconia dangle.