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Jewelry Blog Tips & Trends: Best Facets

Radiant-Cut Diamonds & Engagement Rings

One diamond cut that has seen a resurgence in popularity in 2021, specifically in wedding rings, is the radiant-cut diamond. The radiant-cut combines the round-cut facets with the general shape of the emerald-cut. The radiant-cut is known for its brilliance and also happens to be one of the more affordable options for larger diamonds. This is mainly due to the fact that the cutting saves most of the raw diamond it is cut from.

One example of this beautiful cut is the Rayne, a radiant-cut Diamond halo engagement ring set in 14kt white gold with 1ctw of Diamonds.

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Top 8 Most Popular Engagement Rings on Instagram (With Photos!)

What are the best rings on Instagram? It’s so hard to resist double-tapping when a bright, sparkly diamond ring pops up on the feed - even if you’re single (Hey, a girl can dream!) As true lovers of Instagram and engagement rings ourselves, we looked back at our Instagram posts to determine the most popular engagement rings on Instagram right now

The people have spoken! Based on the likes, comments and amount of heart-eye emojis on these posts, our experts weren’t surprised by this list of the top 8 most-popular engagement rings. Read more about each one and follow us on Instagram for your daily dose of sparkle (and, of course, so yo

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Gifts for the First Mother's Day

April showers bring May flowers, spring is the season of new life. In May we celebrate all mothers and their selfless care and devotion to their children, but this year we especially lift up first time mothers on their first Mother’s Day. Whether your gift on this first Mother’s Day represents the pride in your daughters life changing moment, or the love you feel for your wife and mother of your child, jewelry has a way of attaching a remembrance to a milestone when words can potentially fade away over time. 

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2021 Engagement Ring Trends You Don't Want to Miss

What is the new trend in engagement rings? It’s hard to keep up with the never-ending styles of engagement rings, let alone the ones that will be trending in the new year! Lucky for you, our jewelry experts have put together a list of the most popular engagement ring styles for 2021, so you can find a trendy ring that fits your personality and unique style. (Or, so that you can drop a hint, so he knows exactly what kind of ring you have your eye on!) You’ll be sure to find a ring that speaks to you. Even better, a style that you may have never considered might catch your eye, immediately making its way onto your wish list! 

First, let’s talk about price. How much should you spend on an engagement ring in 2021? The truth is that it depends. The Knot estimates that the average engagement ring is about $5,500, but it varies for all couples! ¼ of The Knot survey respondents spent between $1,000 and $3,000 on an engagement ring. Make sure that you’re comfortable with whatever you are spending, and remember that whatever ring you purchase should be thoughtful and affordable

Check out our complete list of expert-picked trending 2021 engagement rings, with price points, so you can be sure to find a beautiful ring in your price range. 


Solitaire Engagement Rings

What is the most timeless engagement ring? A solitaire, of course! With all the craziness that 2020 brought, 2021 marks a year where classic styles, such as solitaire engagement rings, will thrive. Experts say that right now, it’s easier to play it safe with traditional styles, especially when online shopping! And even though there is a trend in gravitating towards styles that are more familiar and traditional, a solitaire engagement ring will always be a fabulous and elegant engagement ring choice. Shop our entire collection of timeless solitaire engagement rings

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Jewelry Gifts for the New Mom

New Mom Gifts

Friends and family, in a concerned effort to help new parents defray the costs of having a baby, often rush to buy gifts for the newborn. While that is thoughtful and appreciated, one thing often overlooked is a gift for the new first time mom. After recovering from childbirth and dealing with sudden sleep deprivation, a gift just for the new mom is the perfect way to let her know you care.

Remember, having a baby changes your life, but it is not going to change who that new mom is. She is still the same person she always was, and even with an amazing new addition in her family, if she loves jewelry, she is still going to love jewelry. We assure you that the jewelry gifts we are showing you today will be just what she needs to help her get through motherhood.

Jewelry Gift Ideas from Close Friends, Work Associates and Relatives

If you’re especially close to the new mom, she is likely to be real with you. She’s exhausted, hormonal, and has no energy to cook for the rest of the family. While dad can step in, he may be just as busy helping his partner with the new baby or already back at work.

If you have the time, you could offer to cook several days’ worth of meals and freeze them. The new mom or dad just has to heat up the meal when it’s time to eat. But if you want to try to get her something that she can have...and wear forever, see some of our gemstone necklaces, that would look absolutely amazing on the new mom. Want to get a necklace that goes with the whole boy and girl scheme she may have decorated her home in? Then choose from our two Topaz necklaces. One featuring a blue Topaz and one featuring a pink Topaz.

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Guide to Trending Valentine's Day Jewelry for Her and Him 2021

You simply can’t go wrong with the gift of jewelry on Valentine’s Day. Let’s face it… flowers will wilt, chocolate gets devoured, and this year, you can’t go out to dinner and a movie. This Valentine’s Day, your friends at Rogers & Hollands and Ashcroft & Oak have made it super easy to find a beautifully crafted and thoughtful piece of jewelry for that special someone on your list - whether it’s your mom, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, or yourself. 


Our jewelry experts pulled together a list of our best-selling pieces and most popular picks to put together a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide that even Cupid can’t compete with. Plus, with tons of gifts under $199, you’ll be sure to find a gorgeous gift in your price range. 

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Wife 

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate your love and loyalty with an anniversary ring. Dress up her engagement ring by adding a beautiful and complimentary anniversary band; one that will make her ring finger sparkle even more! Our top choice is this newly added oval and brilliant-cut 1 carat weight diamond halo anniversary band in 14 karat white gold. With seven gorgeous diamonds this anniversary ring is sure to make her swoon. Shop our entire collection of ann

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Best Push Present Jewelry for Your Wife in 2021

Push Presents

What is a push present? Push presents are a trending gift that is given to a new mom by the signifiant other, their friends and/or family. A gift to the new mom after all the hard work of bringing in new baby into the world. While there is no solid history of when the idea of the push present came to be, we do know it started to gain popularity in the early 2000's, and the trend for this type of gift has climbed every year since then. So even if you didn't grow up with this being a tradition in your home or hers, there is no reason not to give her a push present! Many moms might say the baby alone is the priceless gift, and nothing else is needed, giving her some extra appreciation through a gift can never hurt!


This perfect pink topaz push present pendant features a 5mm round genuine vivid blue topaz gemstone surrounded by bright white diamonds set in a white gold design with a dainty rope chain. Show the new mom in your life how much you love her with this signature push present pendant as a symbol of her major, nine-month effort. She may say that the new baby girl is all the gift she needs, but most new moms will appreciate this new mom gift and, if it starts a family tradition, all the better!

This perfect blue topaz push present pendant features a 5mm round genuine vivid blue topaz gemstone surrounded by bright white diamonds set in a white gold design with a dainty rope chain. Show the new mom in your life how much you love her with this signature push present pendant as a symbol of her major, nine-month effort. She may say that the new baby boy is all the gift she needs, but most new moms will appreciate this new mom gift and, if it starts a family tradition, all the better!

What to Give as a Push Present?

No ideas on what to get the new mom? This present can be anything that the new mom would normally love to get, but the most popular type of gift is jewelry. This jewelry can be a ring, a necklace, earrings or anything else that the new mom would want! From birthstone necklaces, to family jewelry, diamond bands, any type of jewelry would work great as a push present. Sometimes, the gift is symbiotic

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Proclaim your Love with Infinity Jewelry

Forever, always, and beyond are common in our measurements of love and affection. How can we translate this into a token or statement that goes beyond the words? The answer, infinity jewelry. While the actual infinity concept was mathematically conceptualized in 1655, the symbol was first created in the 5th century A.D.. The "hippopede" as it was originally termed in Greek, was taken from the even older symbol of Ouroboros, a serpent biting its tail, representing continuity. For the past 16 centuries, the symbol has been translated across all religions and cultures; the circle of life, reincarnation, man, husband, and wife's duality are just a few examples. This year find a piece of infinity jewelry that will parallel the meaning in your relationship.

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10 Times When You Should Take Off Your Engagement Ring

There’s a good chance your engagement ring is the most precious and important piece of jewelry that you own. It’s a beautiful symbol of the love you and your partner share and it exemplifies the promise of your forever. And who are we kidding… you LOVE staring at how beautiful it is! Who can blame you!? But it’s actually really important to be aware of when you should take your engagement ring off.

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Jewelry Organizer Ideas: How to Organize Your Jewelry

We all hear from the experts that we should be organizing our belongings to better reduce stress and get more things under control. This is the same idea with your jewelry! Are you one of those people that have your rings, necklaces and earrings all over the place? Maybe some in the bathroom, some in your closet, a ring on your nightstand...and just some you have no idea where they are at? It is time to change all that by organizing your jewelry for 2021! 

Organize Your Jewelry

One of the easiest ways to declutter your jewelry is with a jewelry organizer. And the best type of jewelry organizer? The jewelry box. Jewelry boxes are something that have been popular for decades. They allow you to organize all your jewelry in one place so that everything is together and everything has a place. Jewelry boxes come in a variety of colors, sizes and designs. They can match your furniture, your closet and just your entire style. Most jewelry organizers have slots for all your rings, places for your earrings and even area to hang necklaces without getting them all tangled up next time you want to wear them!  And these jewelry organizers aren't just for jewelry; many are for watches too! Many men have watch organizers that help store watches, especially if you are the type of man that doesn't wear anything other than your wedding band. It is so refreshing going to look for a piece of jewelry to wear and knowing that everything is in one place. This makes it extremely simple to not only try on different jewelry, but to take inventory of everything you have. Especially over the years, do you really remember every piece of jewelry you have purchased or been given?

Types of Jewelry Organizers

Other types of jewelry organizers include hanging, wall mounted and over the door. While these are used quite a bit, they don't offer the style and safety that a jewelry box can. Jewelry boxes can be hidden, and while many do have locks, this offers little protection if the entire jewelry box is found. But can help, if you often have people in your home. Some of our customers store their jewelry boxes in their closest, some in their bathroom, others have stands and cabinets just for them right in their bedroom. We even have some DIY customers that have created make up vanities that are include a jewelry box as part of it. So many different things you can do here. Whatever idea you come up with, decluttering your jewelry can make life just a little more easier on yourself!

Top Selling Jewelry Organizers


Top Selling Watch Boxes


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