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What Jewelry to Wear to Your Engagement Photo Session

Engagement photos are one of our favorite modern wedding traditions. Your engagement photo session gives you and your partner the perfect opportunity to capture your love at one of its most special times. Aside from sharing these photos on Instagram and Facebook so everyone can marvel at your engagement ring and tell you what a perfect couple you are, (c’mon - we know you’ll spend hours deciding which pics to post!) these photos will likely be used for your save-the-dates, on your website with your registry information, and even your wedding invitations! Plus, you’ll definitely get at least one of your favorite shots framed… so you have to look your best! 

While the outfit (or outfits!) that you chose for this photo session is important, the accessories that you wear play an important part, too. It will be super helpful to decide what you are wearing ahead of time, so you aren’t rushing around before your shoot choosing your clothes and accessories. Once you have a few key pieces of clothing you’ve decided on, it’ll be much easier to pick out a few gorgeous pieces of jewelry to tie your entire look together. 

We have a list of our top five jewelry picks to wear for your engagement photo session below, to help take some pressure off of you during this crazy planning process! Plus, we’re even giving you some special tips on what jewelry to wear to your engagement party - so keep reading! 


#1: Name Bracelet in 10k Yellow Gold - For Her

Our popular script name bracelet is the perfect addition to your engagement photo ensemble. Dainty and simple, this bracelet adds a touch of personalization. The bracelet’s simple design and yellow gold metal makes it a piece that will remain timeless, so you don’t have to worry about looking at these photos years from now and wondering what the heck you were thinking. Plus, if your engagement ring is yellow gold, this bracelet will complement it perfectly! We definitely recommend this bracelet, and guarantee you’ll wear it long after your photo shoot. 

name bracelet

#2: Created Moissanite Solitaire Stud Earrings in 14k White Gold - For Her 

Obviously, if you have a diamond engagement ring, you want that important piece of jewelry to stand out the most in your engagement photos. According to our jewelry experts, the best complement to a diamond engagement ring is a classic pair of diamond stud earrings. The studs won’t compete with your ring, but they add an additional touch of elegance and sparkle to your entire look. These beautifully created moissanite solitaire stud earrings are crafted in lustrous 14 karat white gold and feature round-cut, prong-set moissanites in a classic stud design. These studs definitely make our “must-have” list!

moissanite stud earrings

#3: Movado Two-Tone Stainless Steel Watch with Diamonds - For Her 

For a touch of timelessness (see what we did there!?) and sophistication, a watch is the perfect accessory to wear for your engagement photo session. We love this Movado bracelet watch because of its mother-of-pearl dial and diamond accents, giving it a unique and feminine touch. It’s the perfect accessory to wear for your engagement photos, and you’ll find no problem wearing it the rest of the year! 

movado watch

#4: Diamond Pave Link Bracelet in 14k Yellow Gold - For Him 

Fellas, we didn’t forget about you! You deserve to shine in these photos, too. It’s easy to add a little flair and swag to your engagement photo session with this stylish diamond pave link bracelet. Featuring 1.10 total carat weight in diamonds, this link bracelet will be the perfect complement to your bride-to-be’s engagement ring and other accessories. 

diamond link bracelet

#5: Pro Tip: Something Borrowed - For Both!

Take this opportunity to show respect for someone close to you by wearing a piece of jewelry that you have borrowed or has been passed down! This choice will make these photos mean even more to you, and especially to the person you are borrowing from. Maybe mom has a gorgeous strand of pearls or a favorite necklace, or maybe dad has a pair of cufflinks or a simple chain necklace. These are the perfect pieces to incorporate into your photos so that they hold even more significance. Mom, grandma, dad, or whoever else you chose to subtly incorporate into these special photos will be touched and excited to be part of the process. Talk about a fabulously sentimental moment!


Bonus! Best Jewelry to Wear to your Engagement Party 

First and foremost, it’s super important to focus only on that engagement ring to make sure that it’s never overpowered. 

  1. Don’t wear any other rings! While it may be tempting to wear a cocktail ring or statement ring, keep your hands simple and let your engagement ring shine for this particular party. 
  2. Match the rest of your jewelry to your engagement ring. If the center stone on your engagement ring is a ruby, try a pair of ruby earring
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"When Should I Take OFF My Engagement Ring in the Summer?"

Summer is officially in full swing. While there is nothing better than soaking up the sun, hitting the lake or the pool and spending time at night under the stars by the campfire, there are tons of activities that happen during the summer that put your diamond wedding or diamond engagement ring at risk.

Let’s face it; jewelry care probably won’t be top of mind during your fun in the sun. While the summer is (hopefully!) your chance to relax, you might have a bit of anxiety about when to take off your engagement ring, and may even have some more specific questions, like, can I shower with my engagement ring? Can I wash my hands with my engagement ring? Can I wear my engagement ring to the beach? 

So, when should you take off your wedding or engagement ring in the summer? We can put your mind at ease with expert advice on when it’s best to take your ring off. Plus, we’re also giving you the hottest engagement ring styles of the summer!

#1 Swimming 

It’s safe to say that you should take your engagement ring off when you go for a dip this summer. The chlorine in the pool can tarnish or damage sterling silver jewelry and discolor the mounting of your ring. Plus, cold water shrinks your fingers, making it really easy to lose your ring in the water, which would obviously be a disaster. If you’re at the beach, you also risk the sand getting stuck in the crevices of your ring, and even scratching the stone. It’s definitely best to leave your engagement ring off during your summer water activities. 


#2 Showering

While we’re on the topic of water… if you’re wondering if you can wear your engagement ring in the shower, the answer is that you probably shouldn’t. The shower is another opportunity for your ring to slip off your finger, since you’re all lathered up with slippery soap, and no one wants to dig around for an engagement ring that has slipped down the drain! Plus, oily soaps can dull the finish of your diamond, and exfoliating soaps will scratch it. Best to take it off so your ring stays in tip-top condition!  


#3 Washing Your Hands

Similar to the situations listed above, it’s a good idea to take your engagement ring off when washing your hand - just to be extra safe. A soap and water combo makes it easy for your ring to slip off your finger and fall down the drain, and a constant build-up of soap can tarnish your ring’s sparkle. 


#4 Grilling or Preparing Food 

With summer comes lots of BBQ’s, baking, and dinner parties. If you find yourself in the kitchen a lot, it’s probably best to have a place where you can keep your engagement ring safe while you chef it up. Aside from the food particles that build up on your ring (gross!) there is the possibility of scratching or banging up your ring when you’re working with food. There’s also the chance that you could lose your ring in the process of whipping up a meal! A wedding ring may be worn while preparing food if whatever you’re making is simple and doesn’t involve a huge process or cleanup. 


#5 Gardening 

In terms of when to take off your engagement ring, gardening is an activity where it’s best to ditch your ring. This summer you’ll definitely be outside tending to your tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, and all of your gorgeous flowers… but beware. Dirt and small rocks are pretty abrasive to jewelry, and if your jewelry isn’t cleaned right away, there could be permanent damage. Watch out for those gardening gloves, too! They can scratch or damage your sparkly center stone. 


#6 Hiking

If your plan is to spend your summer hitting up different National Parks and checking some sweet hikes off your list, you might want to consider leaving your engagement ring somewhere safe. The outdoors pose a number of threats to your engagement ring, and you don’t want to lose your favorite piece of jewelry in the middle of the woods, or risk bumping it or scratching it on the trails. If you’re generally an outdoorsy person, it’s a good idea to get an engagement ring with a platinum setting because it’s strong, durable, and will stay bright and shiny! 


So, do you wear your engagement ring all the time? The short answer is no. As you just read above, there are definitely times when taking your engagement ring off will help keep it safe and give you peace of mind. You’ll have way more fun during your summer activities if you know that your beautiful engagement ring is safe and sound in a jewelry box. Don’t forget to visit our jewelry cleaning professionals in-store to keep your glam looking shiny and new! 


Bonus! Hottest Engagement Ring Styles of Summer 2021: 

The 'Haven' Engagement Ringhaven engagement ringThis diamond cushion halo engagement ring in 10 karat white gold will have you grinning from ear to ear. One of our newest styles, this uniquely designed engagement ring features brilliant-cut, genuine white sparkling diamonds for a breathtaking ⅜ total carat weight. This ring is sure to k

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Do Men Wear Engagement Rings?

Engagement rings for men are all the rave. Rogers & Hollands and Ashcroft & Oak are here to help answer all of your questions about this latest trend.

Can Men Wear Engagement Rings?

The answer is YES. Engagement rings, and more specifically, diamond engagement rings, for men have gone from unusual to totally acceptable and fashionable. While this is a recent trend in the United States (searches for male engagement rings have skyrocketed by 66 percent!) in other countries such as Brazil and Sweden, it’s actually a longstanding tradition for men to wear engagement rings. 


What Does a Men's Engagement Ring Stand For?

Like engagement rings for women, a “man-gagement” ring is a symbol of the promise of marriage, devotion and commitment. There’s no reason why a groom shouldn’t rock an engagement ring to symbolize his commitment and love! 


Does the Man Wear an Engagement Ring?

About five percent of guys wear an engagement ring, but those numbers are increasing. For same-sex couples, 50 percent of men say that they prefer to have an engagement ring, and 40 percent opt for a diamond engagement ring. 


What Male Celebrities Wear Engagement Rings?

Two of our fav singers (who are both totally romantic!) wear engagement rings - Michael Bublé and Ed Sheeran! 


Where Can I Buy Men’s Diamond Wedding Rings or Diamond Engagement Rings?

You can purchase men's diamond wedding bands here and checkout a selection of men's diamond enga

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Gemstone Engagement Rings & Their Meanings

Gemstone engagement rings are all the rave this summer and are a colorful way to add sentimentality and personality to your engagement ring. Here is a quick guide on the meaning of gemstone engagement rings to help you decide which colorful ring is perfect for you or your bride-to-be! 


Aquamarine: Beautiful blue, like a tropical ocean, an aquamarine gemstone engagement ring is a romantic choice. Aquamarine symbolizes love, courage and communication. This gemstone reminds you to express your love daily, making it the perfect stone for an engagement ring. We recommend this stunning Emerald-Cut Aquamarine & Diamond Ring in 10k White Gold. Plus, aquamarine is said to have healing powers! 

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Best Wedding Day Jewelry for the Bride

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue…traditions are special, especially when it comes to weddings! Wearing “something old” represents a bride’s past, while wearing “something new” symbolizes a couple’s happy future. “Something borrowed” is supposed to be something from someone happily married, so the good fortune rubs off on the new bride, and “something blue” denotes fidelity and love. While these “somethings” can be anything from hair pins to ribbons to earrings, it’s no doubt that on your wedding day, the jewelry that you wear is incredibly significant. 

Your expert friends at Rogers & Hollands and Ashcroft & Oak have tons of unique and special wedding day jewelry options to help you feel even more fabulous on your big day. We can only guess that mom has been in your ear about what you should wear… but sometimes, mother doesn’t always know best! This day is all about you - whether you go bold or simple with your wedding day jewelry choices, you’ll remember the jewelry you wear on your wedding day forever. Maybe you’ll pass these pieces down to someone special on her big day, or keep them forever as a special memento of one of your most favorite days! Either way, we have the perfect list of jewelry for your wedding day.


Wedding Day Jewelry for the Bride

When it comes to finding the perfect jewelry to highlight your wedding dress on the big day, our best advice is to stick with the pieces you’re most comfortable with, but with a little added flair. Maybe you have a simple pendant that you wear every day; instead, on your wedding day, mix in a new necklace that is a different metal and has a different center stone so it feels more special for the occasion. 

The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities to switch things up. You can wear a gorgeous set of stackable bolo bracelets for your wedding reception, a stunning pair of stud earrings for your ceremony and a pair of bold statement earrings for your reception! You make the rules, and you choose the pieces that you love. 

We think that you can never go wrong with the classics… these princess-cut diamond solitaire stud earrings are set in 14 karat white gold for a simple touch of elegance and sparkle. These earrings will look beautiful if your hair is pulled back or kept down, and these studs will hold up for whatever you have in mind for your honeymoon.

diamond stud earrings

Another wedding day jewelry idea for the bride is an eternity band. Eternity rings symbolize everlasting love - so romantic! Eternity bands are an excellent compliment to your engagement ring, worn on the right hand, and add a lovely touch of sparkle. Our favorite is this round moissanite eternity ring in 10k white gold. This stunning eternity band is crafted in 10 karat white gold, and features 19 round-cut created moissanite gemstones in a classic, shimmering eternity ring design. This is a no-brainer as far as wedding day jewelry goes! Shop our collection of rings for more ideas. 

eternity rings

Something Blue Jewelry for Brides 

The color blue stands for love, purity and fidelity - all important qualities for a happy and successful marriage. To put a checkmark on your “something blue” box, consider our blue topaz & diamond infinity drop pendant. This beautiful pendant features a round blue gemstone center stone surrounded by 32 accent diamonds. Crafted in 10 karat white gold, this pendant adds a perfect and subtle pop of color to your wedding ensemble. Plus, its infinity shape symbolizes your happily ever after! This pendant is a gorgeous piece to wear day-to-day, or you can tuck it away and save it to give to your daughter or niece for her “something blue” or “somet

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Self-Gifting 101: Jewelry Gift Ideas for Women

Let’s be real – it’s been quite the year. This summer, we are seeing the world return to a bit of normalcy after the pandemic, so it’s definitely the right time to pat yourself on the back. Even if most days all you could do was get out of bed – that’s a feat worth celebrating!

Some of us might not be comfortable treating ourselves. It might seem a little foreign to reward ourselves for our own accomplishments, and while being humble is an important quality… sometimes you have to take a step back and admit that you’re a total winner! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with treating yourself and indulging in a bit of self care and self-gifting when you know you deserve it. 

So… what are good self care gifts? How about gorgeous pieces of jewelry that sparkle just as much as you do. We’ve put together a list of self care gifts to buy yourself this summer. These ar

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Top 5 Newest Arrivals: Earrings Edition | Studs & More for 2021 

Want to grin from ear to ear? You will once you see our newest earring arrivals for the summer…from a gorgeous mix of small diamond earrings to dangle hoop earrings, we have a feeling you’ll love our top five newest earring arrivals. 

This summer, small diamond earrings are hotter than ever, and we have a gorgeous mix of dainty and light weight diamond stud earrings to browse. Plus, our build your own diamond stud earring program makes it really easy to create the pair of stud earrings you’ve always wanted (and totally deserve!).

Keep reading to learn more about the hottest styles of diamond earrings and our newest designs!

1. Multi Circle Interlocking Dangle Earrings

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of earrings to wear all summer long, these

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3 Fan-Favorite Simple Engagement Rings with Perfect Minimalist Style

There is a long history of desire for simplicity among artists, designers and musicians, summed up by Leonardo da Vinci stating “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. The simple approach to engagement rings is perfect for the couple who appreciates subtle elegance, the fiscally prudent traditional couple, and for those minimalist brides who desire understated, less flashy symbols of matrimony. Engagement rings can be visually impactful at all levels of extravagance. Metal color, diamonds or gemstones, and design all play a part in creating these stunning yet minimalist engagement rings.

These small and simple engagement rings still sparkle and shine for a subtle and gorgeous effect. Check out our three hand-picked favorites:

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Top Engagement Ring Trends & Styles by the Decade

For those of you who are genuinely curious about fashion and jewelry trends through the decades, and for any history buffs out there, we’re here to enlighten you on the hottest engagement ring trends by decade. Understandably, engagement ring trends follow the fashion trends of the decade, so blast back into the past for some serious vintage vibes, and learn about the engagement ring styles that were popular in 1910 all the way to 2020 and beyond! 


Engagement Ring Styles by Decade



Jewelry design in the 1910s had a delicate and intricate look. The ladies of the 1910s had no electricity, so their diamonds really had to shine in the flickering candle light. That could be why rings during this decade typically had larger diamond center stones offset by really exquisite designs, like beautiful lace-like filigree in platinum settings. These intensely elegant details were typically symbolic, featuring hearts and other motifs representing unity. 

Get the look: For a 1910-style engagement ring, we recommend Abel by Gabriel & Co. Perfectly vintage, this bold 14 karat white gold diamond semi-mount includes stunning halo and Victorian detailing to compliment the center stone. Time to schedule a candle-lit dinner... 



During the roaring t

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How to Clean Your Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are very similar to the ring finger they are worn on, they get dirty, and this dirt can come from a variety of sources. Dirt and sediment from daily wear can build up in the crevices of the ring, specifically where the stone meets the metal. Dust can accumulate from storing your engagement ring or other jewelry out in the open, when you take it off to sleep or to exercise.

There are also several liquid elements which can eliminate the sparkle and shine of your engagement ring. Soap scum from washing your hands or doing the dishes is very common, and will easily dull the sparkle of even the highest quality diamond. The oils from lotions and even our natural skin oils can smudge and tarnish stones and metals of an engagement ring. Aside from the vanity aspect of a freshly cleaned diamond ring, the cleaning process is key in observing any flaws or potential structural issues which could eventually lead to a lost stone or a fractured band.

To begin cleaning your engagement ring at home you will need a bowl, dish soap, warm water, and a soft bristled toothbrush.

How to Clean an Engagement Ring

1. First make a solution with the warm water and a few drops of dish soap.

2. Let your engagement ring soak in this solution for 20 to 40 minutes depending on the level of impurities. (Shampoo or body wash can work in a pinch as long as there are no moisturizing elements present.)

3. After this soak, brush the stone with a very soft bristled toothbrush and rinse under warm water.

4. It is highly recommended to repeat this process for rings that haven't been cleaned in a while.

5. After the cleaning cycle is complete, dry the ring with a soft

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