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Rose Gold 101: All About the Precious Pink Metal

Rose gold has been around since the early 19th century, but it’s never been so popular among fashion influencers and women on the hunt for jewelry that really stands out. But what is rose gold made of, and why is it so pink-tastic? Find out more about this trending precious metal.


The days of choosing only between gold or silver for rings, earrings, and wedding bands are gone. The rise of rose gold offers the single most important element to style-conscious women: options! Pairing beautifully with colored gemstones, diamonds, and other metals, rose gold is what brides-to-be are increasingly choosing to express their unique fashion sense.

But for all the recent hype rose gold receives, not many people know what gives it its pinky tone. Here’s everything you need to know:


What Is Rose Gold 

Rose gold is made by combing yellow gold, copper, and sometimes silver. Copper gives rose gold its pinky hue, and the higher the copper content, the rosier the gold appears. And it looks amazing against absolutely any skin tone.



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Keeping Up: 6 Kim Kardashian Drop Earrings Replicas


From her parade of skin-tight, head-to-toe spandex looks to her high-drama Met Gala gowns, Kim’s style is constantly evolving, but drop statement earrings are a mainstay on her fashion runway. 

It’s been over 15 years since we first met Kim Kardashian on the series ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians.’ With the arrival of her family’s new reality show, ‘The Kardashians,’ we took a look back on her most iconic, high-fashion looks.

When it comes to wearing designer clothing, Kim takes the one-and-done approach. But she’s consistently worn diamond drop earrings throughout the years. The pair she wore at her wedding to Kris Humphries in 2011 measured in at 28-carats. Outdoing herself 11 years later, Kim recently wore enormous 100-carat oval-cut diamond drop earrings to the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar party.

Here are six similar styles guaranteed to make you shine just like the celebrity star. Perhaps not as high-priced as the reality TV star’s own, these Kim Kardashian drop earring dupes are just as dazzling.


Diamond Halo Drop Earrings

Spectacular diamond halos elevate the glam factor on these brilliant-cut diamond drop stunners. Learn more >


Rose Gold Teardrop Earrings

These lustrous diamond-dusted earrings are the epitome of the Effy® name, delivering bold sparkle and fine craftsmanship.

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2022: Sparkling Gifts Every Mom Will Love

Mother’s Day may arrive once every year, but the unique bond between mother and child is timeless.  We have put together a selection of our favorite pieces to help you find the best Mother’s Day jewelry gifts for the one-of-a-kind gem in your life.


On Sunday, May 8th, new moms will be celebrating their first Mother’s Day, while others will be honoring three generations of family. Mother's Day is also the perfect time to honor the friends, sisters, mentors and aunts who have helped shaped us, supported us and taught us. What better way to express your appreciation for the mothers and others in your life than with the gift of jewelry!

Diamond Jewelry For The New Mom

There is nothing more precious than becoming a new mom. Make her first Mother's Day unforgettable with a diamond ring, braceletnecklace or earrings to serve as a shining memory for decades to come.

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5 Jennifer Lopez Engagement Ring Replicas

GC Images;

Five-times engaged and thrice wedded, ‘Jenny from the Block’ has another big rock on her ring finger and it’s gorgeous! Nearly 20 years after their split in 2002, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez recently announced that they’re engaged to be married once again.

On April 8th, J.Lo took to Instagram to show off her jaw-dropping 8.5 carat extremely rare, natural green diamond center stone, set with a white diamond on each side on a platinum band.

This isn’t the first time Lopez has worn a colored diamond engagement ring on her special finger. She sported a 8.5 carat blue diamond engagement ring while with Marc Anthony. Bennifer’s OG engagement ring featured a pink diamond and cost an estimated $2.5 million at the time. Diamond experts say J.Lo’s 2022 uber-rare green diamond engagement ring is estimated to be worth $5-10 million.

Evidently, no expense can be spared when it comes to asking for J.Lo’s hand in marriage. But you don’t have to be a celeb to bling out your ring. This list of Jennifer Lopez-inspired engagement rings and cocktail rings is perfect for the budget-conscious bride-to-be.


Green Quartz & Diamond Wrapped Ring 

Part of the allure of J.Lo’s ring is that the natural green diamond is extremely rare, so channeling a unique vibe makes a lot of sense. This cocktail ring’s fancy-cut green quartz gemstone is wrapped in a swirl split shank design, topped with 11 diamonds.  Learn more >

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5 Gorgeous Infinity Hoop Earrings To Wear This Spring

In the modern girl’s jewelry collection, infinity hoop earrings are an essential without a doubt. Regardless of size, metal, or material, hoop earrings never fail to make you feel more fashionable. And in this day of virtual offices and Zoom meetings, hoop earrings are as important to your on-screen look as shoes are to an outfit.
Just like the right pair of shoes, the hoop earring is completely versatile. It can be the ultimate statement earring for cocktail attire or be a minimal accent to go with your weekend athleisure. So it should be no surprise that the infinity hoop earring and its continuous circle design have stepped up to be Spring’s number one trend in earrings. From simple to diamond-studded, here are five pairs to add to your rotation ASAP.


1. Good & Golden

Large in size, yet lightweight on the lobe, these 14K gold infinity hoop earrings help you maximize the minimalist look. Pair them with anything from boho dresses to body-con athleisure. Learn more >


2. The Showstopper OR Pavé the Way

Twinkling like a city skyline at night, these pavé cubic zirconia sterling silver infinity hoop earrings add that extra touch of glamour to any outfit. Wear them with upswept hair and a bare neck for the most powerful impact. Learn more >

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8 Ideas For Bridesmaids Gifts They Really Want

You’ve scheduled the hair and make-up artists so that everything from your bridesmaids’ locks to their lashes will look absolutely stunning on your big day. But don’t forget to give your besties something that will forever show how much you appreciate them for standing by your side.

Whether your budget is big or small, you can build your own bridesmaids gift boxes, mixing and matching a few of our stunning selections of earrings, bracelets and necklaces your girls will want to wear well after the wedding. 


Bridesmaid Gift Set

If you intend your gift to be worn the day of the wedding, opt for one of these meticulously matched three-piece sets.

1. Pearls for the Girls

   pearls set 

Pearl jewelry never goes out of style, so your ladies will love mixing and matching this set to wear with their own collection. Learn more >


2. Diamond Florets

diamond florets

  Inspired by th

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Is Moissanite Tacky? These Elegant Engagement Rings Prove It’s Not!

If you’re researching moissanite gemstones, chances are you’re shopping for an engagement ring and preparing to pop the question. Perhaps you have read that moissanite engagement rings are a cheaper, or tacky alternative to traditional diamond rings.

Moissanite is more flawless than diamonds and is more appealing for buyers who want to save money. Here are a few reasons why we think they’re totally left-hand worthy.

From The Stars

Moissanite was originally founded in meteors. In 1893, Henri Moissan was excavating a crater from a meteor strike in Canyon Diablo, Arizona. At first, he thought the stones were diamonds, but upon closer examination, he discovered they were silicon carbide, a material which was successfully lab-duplicated over 100 years later. Natural moissanite is very rare so today's moissanite is lab-created. 

Daily Wearability

On the Mohs Scale of Hardness, the scale which assesses a gem’s ability to withstand surface scratching, moissanite is a 9.25 so they are suited for everyday wear.

Sparkle & Color

Moissanite radiates a rainbow of colors in its sparkling facets and some consider it more of a disco ball effect. The larger the moissanite gemstone, the more noticeable the color. Some are colorless, and others may cast a yellow or grayish hue in certain lighting.

Versatile Cuts & Jewelry Design

Since the moissanite has many of the same characteristics as a diamond, it can be cut into the same dazzling shapes and set in rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.


Moissanite is less expensive per carat than diamonds.

Now that you have the whole story behind moissanite gemstones, consider these three ultra-sparkling moissanite engagement rings for your one true love.



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Best Religious Jewelry Designs For Everyday Wear

Expressing your faith in the form of jewelry is a graceful way to complement your everyday style. Let your spiritual side come to life in gold or silver, while exploring unique religious jewelry for men and women. 

As we notice stores stock candy eggs, chocolate bunnies and colorful baskets, we’re reminded that Easter is approaching faster than you can say "Peter Cottontail." Whether your method of worship this Spring entails Sunday service, Passover Seders, or just brunch with besties, now is the perfect time for updating your warm-weather wardrobe with classic gold and silver religious jewelry for men and women.

Crosses & Crucifixes

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5 Best Simone Biles Engagement Ring Replicas

simone biles


Simone Biles has gone from Olympic rings to engagement rings when her NFL superstar boyfriend, Jonathan Owens popped the question on Valentine’s Day. The 24-year old Olympic Gold medalist must have flipped when she saw this spectacular piece Owens designed in collaboration with celeb jeweler Zo Frost. The 3-carat oval diamond, which merits an F color and VVS2 clarity, is set on a platinum or white gold band that’s dusted with 34 pavé diamonds. For a finishing touch, Owens added a hidden halo that we’d like to think represents the intimate and loving bond the two athletes share.


Although she wears a one-of-a-kind design, the soon-to-wed Biles isn’t the only celeb sporting this shape of diamond engagement ring. Hailey Beiber’s oval engagement ring, logs in somewhere between six and eight carats. The ring is flanked by two V-shaped wedding bands, both in 18-karat gold and lined with diamonds. Kourtney Kardashian's left hand also sports a ginormous oval diamond engagement ring set on a thin pavé diamond band which is estimated to be between eight to ten carats. Other celebs with the trending design include Blake Lively and Jasmine Tookes.


But what makes this look so appealing? For starters, the elongated shape can make the stone look bigger than its actual carat size. Round, princess and cushion cuts are still more popular as they are considered safer choices. But oval is the perfect shape for brides who want their ring to stand out and reflect their unique sense of style.


Check out these fabulous five styles that look so similar to Simone Bile’s fabulous engagement ring and see what the oval-cut diamond trend is all about.

1. Lab-Grown Diamond Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring

This beautiful

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3 Easy Jewelry Gifts For Him

It’s 2022. By now you’re hip to the fact that men and jewelry go hand in hand. Yes, whether it’s a bold pair of diamond stud earrings or a commemorative ID bracelet, the modern man’s jewelry box is packed with fresh classics that are not short of shine and shimmer. So when you want to show him the love, we rounded out the best men’s jewelry to prove that gifting is all in the wrist.


1. An Exceptional Timepiece

A wristwatch makes a wonderful gift. With its abilities to accent formal wear and elevate athleisure looks, a watch is to menswear as the handbag is to womenswear. In this day and age when timekeeping is digitally embedded into our smartphones, the watch you choose should balance function with his sense of fashion.

For example, does his idea of the perfect day involve hiking and exploring the great outdoors? The resilient Field Automatic Chronograph Watch by Hamilton is made for adventure.

Hamilton watch

For the sport and fitness fanatic, the CZ Smart IP Hybrid Heart Rate Smartwatch by Citizen is made to keep up with his health-driven lifestyle.

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