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5 Tips On Choosing The Right Wedding Band For Your Man

There’s more to the metal! Here are some quick tips, options, and advice to consider when beginning your search for the perfect wedding band for him.

Men’s Weddings Bands: A Brief History

Ladies’ wedding rings have long been a symbol of everlasting love. It is believed the Egyptians and the Greeks chose the ‘ring finger’ because they thought it contained a vein leading directly to the heart. However, it is only recently that men have begun wearing wedding bands. They were used as a symbol of commitment by men during WWII while overseas to remind them of their wives and families back home. Now, wedding bands are a staple of modern matrimony.

    1. Flashy or Modest? You know him better than anyo
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Gemstone Engagement Rings | Guide to Engagement Rings with Color 

If you’re searching for an engagement ring that stands out and matches your bright personality, a colored gemstone engagement ring is a perfect choice. Adding a bit more flair than a traditional diamond engagement ring, a colored gemstone engagement ring is a fun way to add your own style to your soon-to-be favorite piece of jewelry! Not to mention, colored gemstone engagement rings are one of the top popular engagement ring trends of 2020. 


If you have any hesitation on whether or not you should opt for more of a statement when it comes to your engagement ring, worry not! We have a list of some of the most gorgeous colored gemstone engagement ring options for brides-to-be, a

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Everything You Need to Know About Oval Engagement Rings

Between the stone’s exposed brilliance, to the way it looks on a ring finger, it’s a true engagement ring staple style - and a trend that will surely stick around. If you’re curious about what makes an oval engagement ring so popular, or why it’s the hottest trend with celebrities, influencers, and brides-to-be, read on! We’re diving into the oval engagement ring’s list of amazing attributes and surprising history.

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Birthstone Engagement Rings Buying Guide by Month

Adding personality, color, and a unique flair to your engagement ring is a trend that's here to stay.

While some people may add a touch of "self" to their engagement ring through customization or vintage flair, others make unique ring selections by incorporating birthstones!

First, we've listed the birthstones for each month of the year!

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The Perfect Engagement Ring For Your Zodiac Sign

Placing an impeccable diamond on your finger (and then showing it off!) is one of the most unforgettable parts of getting married.

But your engagement ring should also be entirely your own. If that means nixing an everyday design for something more individual, like a black diamond, or even a ruby, so be it.

But how can you tell which ring is right for you? Astrology, duh! Your zodiac sign doesn't only reveal your individualities, but also your style tendencies and your taste in design.

Trying to figure out which engagement ring best suits your partner’s preferences, personality, and style?

Aside from asking (or consulting loved ones), there’s another way to guarantee your fiancé-to-be will love their ring! Believe it or not, knowing the zodiac sign of the one you want to marry will help you select a ring that best suits them!

Engagement Rings for Aries, Fire Sign – March 21-April 19

An Aries is confident, optimistic, energe

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Contest Winners! Mother’s Day 2020 | My Mom Rocks!

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we asked our guests to share with us how why their mom rocks for a chance to win prizes. Here are our five lucky winners and their stories! We were overjoyed with the number of submissions we received, and the amazing stories you shared.

Enough can never be said about the wonderful hearts and acts of the mothers in this world and we thank each of you who put up a nomination. You helped us spread the love of motherhood this 2020 Mother’s Day.


Winner, Bettina P. from Peoria, Illinois

"This Momma is my incredibly brave and strong sister. Not only did she have a heavy hand in raising my siblings and me, but She also put herself through school to become a Nurse Practitioner. A few years ago she was dealt a devastating blow with a diagnosis of breast cancer. After treatment and surgery, she is now in remission. She switched from family medicine to breast health shortly after beating cancer so she could hel

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Top 7 Diamond Shapes & What They Say About You

What does your choice in diamond shape or enagement ring shape say about you?

Often the first step in choosing an engagement ring is determining the shape (round, princess, marquise, etc.) of the diamond you like best.

Shape describes a diamond's form, primarily as viewed from above; and although a round, or brilliant-cut, diamond is the most popular, there are many others to consider. 

Did you know that the shape of diamond you prefer may reveal something about your personality, style or love life?

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New 2020 Engagement Ring Trends After the Quarantine

Find the hottest engagement rings that are trending for summer 2020.
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Anniversary Jewelry by Year, Inspiration, and Gift Ideas

In 1922, Emily Post published her first etiquette guide, which included a list of anniversary gifts for each year. 

Many are familiar with traditional anniversary gifts, but did you know that there is also a gemstone or metal associated with each anniversary? 

This list of anniversary jewelry is endorsed by Jewelers of America and The American Gem Trade Association. No matter how many

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A Match for Moms of all Types: 2020 Mom's Official Gift Guide

Mother’s Day may look a little different in 2020, but that gives us even more reason to celebrate her! There are still ways to show mom how much you love and admire her… even from afar. We’ve gathered our favorite Mother’s Day gifts to let her know you’re thinking about her. (All of these items are available for contact-free delivery, too.)

All moms are different and it can be tough to choose which piece of jewelry will best represent her personality and style. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to shop for mom while being safe at home. Just scroll through and find our recommended styles for each type of mom!


The Trendy Zoom Mom

These s

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